These Are the Dirtiest Things You Touch Each Day!

most dirty things

Did you know that toilet seats are much cleaner than many other things that we use each and every day? No? Well, that is the fact confirmed by a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, mister Charles Gerba.

Firstly, we will let you think for a second of the things you believe are the filthiest. What do you ignore whilst doing cleaning and disinfection?

Did you think of towels? Because they certainly are! You place them next to many bacteria sources, such as a sink in the bathroom, and they are wet, so ideal for bacteria growth. In addition to that, people usually do not wash their hands properly, so your hands are in no way clean and safe. In accordance to this, professor suggests you wash your towels after two-day usage.

Another thing is toothbrush holders, which are rarely cleaned and often home to Coliform bacteria.

From the bathroom to the kitchen, where everyone keeps the sink sponge which is likely to be the dirtiest item you own in your house. Hundreds of millions of bacteria are hosted in them. Also, cutting board. You usually rinse it or wipe it off, never rub and clean thoroughly.

There is also a smartphone, which is big bacteria haven. Studies have found an incredibly disgusting thing: 1 in 6 phones is contaminated with fecal matter. What should you do? Swipe them with a disinfectant wipe!

Lastly and finally, we must say, you have to watch out of supermarket carts. Almost all host E. coli due to the fact that people touch raw food in one moment and handles in the other. Grocery bags are nasty too!

Much more could easily fit onto this list, like shoelaces, car keys etc, but do not run and buy all the chemicals you can because many do not work. Instead, focus on disinfecting your own hands whenever you leave a public space. You can use hand sanitizer or wash hands as soon as you walk into your home.

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