Spring skincare

skincare in spring

Switch between seasons, (nowadays) sudden temperature changes and whether in general requires a certain adjustment in everyday rituals when it comes to skincare. Here is what should be customized with upcoming spring.

Obligatory SPF

With increased temperature, the first thing you should check is your face cream composition – it should have sun protection factor included. If the ones you already use do not contain this element, consider searching for an alternative that includes appropriate UVA and UVB protection. Most of us forget how powerful sunbeams are even in the springtime, when the sun does not feel so strong.

Start with Supplement Usage

It might happen that, even with the use of appropriate care products for spring, your skin feels dry, tight and starts to peel. In that case, it is time for taking into consideration drastic measures. Cold winter air can leave a serious impact on your skin, whether face or the rest of the body. Using creams that contain hyaluronic acid and omega-3 fatty acid is highly suggested for proper skin hydration. Mentioned omega-3 fatty acids are injectable into the organism through different groceries or supplements. Start using them and your skin will be like new again. Beauty really does come from within.

Invest into Good-quality Products for Cleansing

Spring is the perfect season for devoting to thorough face cleaning and investing into good-quality products. It is highly important to take your time while cleaning face – do it slowly, patiently and properly. Also, keep in mind basic rule for cleaning process: it should be done gently, with circular motions and by focusing on most critical parts of the face.

Do Not Forget Your Décolletage

We all barely wait for spring to come and chance to enjoy in the sunshine and in taking off layers and layers of warm clothes used for protection during long winter. All this usually leads to showing off a bit more skin. Therefore, every part of our body should get the same attention when it comes to caring. This especially counts for décolletage, which is mostly (subconsciously) skipped. Every time you cleanse your face, do a peeling, use a toner or hydrating cream, do the same on your décolletage. More attention is always dedicated to face, while just underneath it first signs of aging appear.


After every long winter, there is a need for dead skin cells removal. This can be done by skin exfoliation. It is always suggested to be done at least two times a week. We advise you to look for those peelings that contain acids and retinol, substances that gently remove dead cells, leaving smooth and silky skin behind. It might sound to you as an advertising slogan, but it really is a truth. The fact is after exfoliation skin better absorbs hydrant creams and all that affects better skin hydration in general. Allow your skin to shine and look healthy with this simple step in skincare process.

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