Natural Remedies for Spring Allergies

Spring is definitely one of the most beautiful seasons in the year, but it can be quite distressing for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Most of us impatiently wait for trees to put on their “spring clothes” and parks to become green, but the facts is flowering and increased concentration of pollen in the air brings many difficulties for those who are allergic. Before you run into a pharmacy to buy a new batch of drugs, try using things from nature proved to alleviate allergy symptoms.

Herbs and Vitamins

If you are not a big fun of conventional methods of treatment, try with natural remedies such as supplements that are based on nettle and plant pigment called quercetin. They are proved to be very efficient when it comes to symptoms like runny nose, teary eyes, and skin rash and swelling. Numerous studies have confirmed that quercetin has the same effect as antihistamines, traditional remedies used against allergies. They prevent immune cells from releasing histamine, a chemical that causes an allergic reaction.

Another very efficient natural remedy is a vitamin C, which represents natural antihistamine with a bit milder effect. As a consequence, taking 500-1000mg per day should relieve the symptoms.

Capsaicin is a substance commonly found in foods such as spicy chili and cayenne pepper. It is very effective in suppressing standard allergy symptoms

If you are allergic to cedar pollen, a cup of green tea called Benifuuki will help you. Study in Japan found that this tea effectively removes itching eyes and runny nose.

Regularly Nostrils Rinsing

During allergy seasons, it is highly important for you to regularly rinse the nostrils with brine. This particularly applies to those who struggle with severe headaches due to nasal congestion. The easiest way for completing this process is using so called “Neti Pot”, which helps pouring the brine into one nostril, after which it comes out on the other nostril. You will probably need some time to learn how to properly rinse the nasal passage, but it is all about practices, so do not worry.

Stress Relieving

Most experts believe that stress has a major influence on how strong the allergic reaction will be. If you are constantly under stress, fight with hormonal imbalance, exhausted, sensitive to certain foods etc., it is much likely that the allergy symptoms are going to be more powerful. Try some of the standard methods for stress relief, such as yoga, meditation, music listening and read more articles on the subject.

Spring House Cleaning

If you think that allergens are hiding only on the outside – you are mistaken. During the winter, and due to lack of radiation and a lot of heating, our homes become accumulated with dirt, dust and mold, which are all possible triggers for allergic reactions. This is the main reason why general cleaning is necessity in all homes when the spring comes. With the first warm days, throw out and wash your rugs, quilts, pillows, and curtains and repaint the walls if in possibility. For keeping the allergens level on the minimum, do not allow your pets to climb up on the beds where you sleep. In addition, regularly hoover your rooms and, due to pollen, do not open windows too often or leave them opened for a longer period. The best solution is getting the device that allows air circulation indoors.

Final advice is that you should never forget to regularly exercise and eat healthy. Fortunately, with spring, sunny days and many seasonal foods that are coming, this should not be difficult.

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