LCHF Diet: Basics

lchf diet

Want to eat healthy and lose some weight, but all without drastic measures considering expelling food you enjoy a lot from your everyday usage? LCHF diet is the perfect choice! Here are the basics of this highly popular diet.

What does LCHF mean?

Simplest said, LCHF diet is based on consuming the least amount of carbohydrates possible and focusing mainly on healthy fats. The name suggests this itself – Low Carb High Fat. During whole diet program, the most important thing is to use (or not use at all) the smallest amount possible of starch and sugar. We guarantee you that, even without these two ingredients, you will never be hungry, but full, satisfied and, above all, with less weight.

The research showed that LCHF diet is one of the simplest programs for losing weigh, which helps to keep under control your blood sugar level. Two great benefits with small effort, don’t you think?

Introduction to LCHF

Probably the first thing you should know is what to eat while keeping LCHF diet.

Allowed groceries are: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables that grow above the ground and natural fats like butter.

Forbidden food for consuming: sugars and food that contains starch, such as bread, rice, potato, pasta or beans.

The rule about meals is simple: eat when you are hungry and until you get full. There is no need for weighing portions or calculating calories. Just stop using industrially processed food, especially items with “low fat” marking on it.

Scientific explanation of LCHF functionality, which proved to be more than good, lays in the fact that avoiding sugar and starch stabilizes blood sugar level and decreases a level of insulin – hormone that is responsible for collecting fat in the body.

Allowed Ingredients

Meat: All meat types are included in this diet – pork, chicken, beef or game meat. Also, you do not need to avoid those parts with more fat. On a contrary, eating chicken with its skin is completely fine. Of course, try to eat only organically produced meat for your meal.

Fish and seafood: All kinds of fish and seafood are allowed. Avoid only those farmed.

Natural fats: For food preparing try to use natural fats as much as possible. This includes butter, olive or coconut oil and cream. In addition, homemade mayonnaise is allowed too.

Vegetables: Consumable during this diet are all kinds of cultivars (cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale), asparagus, courgette, eggplant, olives, spinach, mushrooms, cucumber, lettuce, avocado, onions, peppers and tomatoes.

Dairy products: Always choose high fat dairy products, milk, cream, yogurt, butter and full-fat cheese.

Nuts: All nut types are suitable for consumption, so feel free to bite them instead of chips or other unhealthy snacks while watching TV.

Fruits: Limit fruit consuming to berries only.

Forbidden Ingredients

Sugar: Juices that contain sugar, refreshing drinks, chocolate, cakes, sweets, ice cream, biscuits, rolls, breakfast cereal… Say no to all.

Starch: Bread, pasta, rice, potato, fries, chips, and muesli… Furthermore, products made of whole grains, as well as beans, are forbidden, even though they are not as bad as those mentioned above. From time to time, you can consume small amount of root vegetables.

Margarine: Absolutely forbidden – all imitations of butter.

Beer: Unfortunately to many, this refreshing drink is full of carbohydrates. As a consequence, it must be avoided.

Fruits: Fruits are full of natural sugars and therefore not good for consumption during this diet. However, taking one apple or orange will not make a big deal. Still, do not overstuff yourself and make it regular part of meals.

Once in a while

There are certain things that are not forbidden, but advisable for consumption only sometimes. You decide when is the time based on the personal progress and satisfaction, which can vary among people.

Alcohol: Dry wine (regular red or dry white wine), whisky, brandy, vodka and cocktails (without sugar) are allowed.

Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is good, but eat only ones with above 70% of cocoa and, of course, take just a bit.


When it comes to drinks, this is what you should use most of the days: water, coffee (with full-fat cream if preferred) or tea.

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