How to Treat Cold and Flu with Home Remedies?

cold and flu tips

There is no exact cure for cold and flu. You can take one of the many over the counter medicine or you can take a natural approach. We always vote for the second option.

In this time of the year, cold and flu are very common and it is possible to catch something that is in middle of winter. We have great tips how to treat cold and flu without over the counter medicine.


Always have handkerchiefs next to you and blow your nose often. During the cold, it’s very important to blow your nose often or right away when you feel the urge. Just be careful that you don’t blow too hard because pressure can cause an earache. After blowing your nose, wash your hand with soap and water.

Stay in bed. Resting is one of the most important things when it comes to flu and cold. The first thing you should do when you notice symptoms you should stay in bed because the body needs the energy to win a battle against cold.

Gargle with salted water. Gargle can moisten a sore throat. Dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and gargle four times a day. You can also try a popular folk remedy for a sore throat made with honey and apple cider and gargle. The third option is gargling with raspberry leaves tea with some lemon juice.

Drink lots of liquids. This is the advice every doctor would recommend for cold and flu, and it’s very important. Hot liquid help relieves nasal congestion and prevents dehydration. Drink lots of tea or hot lemonade.

Hot steamy shower. Hot shower relaxes you and moisturizes nasal passages. If flu makes you dizzy, sit on the chair in a bathtub and take the sponge bath.

Hot or cold packs for sinuses. Use what you feel more comfortable. Take washcloth and heat in microwave for a minute for hot packs, or just put a pack of frozen vegetables around sinuses.

Hold head higher than usual during sleep. If you put an extra pillow under your head that will help drainage of nasal passages. If it’s to uncomfortable put pillow between mattress and springs.

No matter how tough symptoms are, you have to stay at home, for yours and for other’s sake, don’ t go on trip if is not necessary, after two-three days you should be back on your feet.

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