How to Have a Perfect Smile: 10 Useful Tips

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Every person wants a perfect smile, but having one is not that easy if you do not have good oral hygiene habits. If you want to achieve that fresh, clean and bright effect of your teeth, follow the “rules” we set in this text. They will help you get on top of the game.

Use Appropriate Toothbrush!

The question is – what is appropriate toothbrush? The one that has soft bristles and which is multi-tufted. Also, it should be small for an easy approach in your mouth. You should change your brush when you see the bristles are too soft or visibly worn.

Do Not Brush Too Hard Nor Too Often

Brushing teeth too often is not as good as it seems at first. You can damage your gum and cause extreme sensitivity of your teeth. If you want to freshen up, eat apple or carrot, or use mouthwash, but do not overdo it.

Use a Floss

Instead of using a toothpick, go for a dental floss. It will help you remove plaque where your toothbrush cannot help either. Having plaque not removed will lead to tooth decay and gum disease, and no one wants that.

Avoid Snacks

Sugary food and different snack are a no in every possible way. Sugar causes cavities, so the less you take it, the better your teeth will be. When you are up for a snack, choose any fruit and you’ll be good.

Check If Teeth Are Clean With Tounge

Do you have a habit of going with tongue over your teeth to check if everything is clean? Well, that is good! Keep doing the check and if you see they are not, use a floss and a toothbrush for additional cleaning.

Try Whitening Products

Whiter teeth are not that easy to achieve, but there are many products that can help in reaching the goal – bright smile! However, be careful which you choose, as they can affect your teeth in a bad way, causing irritation and many other things. One of the most popular products is Whitestrips. Read more about it here.

Visit Dentist Regularly

At least twice a year you should visit your dentist to check if your teeth are healthy. In case you notice any irregularity, such as bleeding, sensitivity, pain, lumps, discoloration etc, be sure to tell that to your doctor. There is a treatment for everything, especially if you start on time.

Have A Good Oral Hygiene Habits

There are many habits that are bad for your teeth. Such are alcohol, chewing pencils and fingernails, chewing gums, cigarets etc. Avoiding these activities will be good for your teeth in longterm. Another problem is grinding, which causes many problems for oral health. Be sure to ask your dentist for advice.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride helps in preventing cavities and repairing tooth enamel.  When used as directed, it is completely safe, so do not hesitate while buying a toothpaste, whether for you or your children.

Do Not Clean Your Teeth Straight After Drinking Acidic Drinks

Acids are softening the enamel which is covering teeth in a way that they dissolve the superficial layer. That is why, after drinking Coke or similar drinks, you notice grittiness. Luckily, human saliva is rich in minerals and has a natural neutralizing ability that helps teeth enamel. Therefore, you should not clean your teeth straight away, but wait for salive to do its thing.

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