Exotic Mango Smoothie Recipe

mango smoothie recipe

In need for healthy, refreshing, summer breakfast? This smoothie is the perfect choice! Not only is it very nutritious, balanced and healthy, but also makes you fill full for whole morning. We guarantee you delicious flavor too! Here is what you will need.


• 1 fresh banana
• Coconut milk
• 2-3 tbsp. yoghurt
• Handful of porridge oats
• Big handful of frozen mango
• Lime juice
• Handful of mixed nuts


Chop the banana and add all ingredients into blender (the order is not important). Amount of milk decide on your own in accordance to willing texture. You always can add more milk to make it watery if preferred. Combine together until smooth and sip into glass. This amount is enough for two persons.

What makes this smoothie perfect is frozen fruit. It might be odd, but frozen fruit is always picked in season, so it is tasty and nutritious. Also, them being frozen will make your smoothie refreshing and thicker, but melting in your mouth. Using lime juice is another great addition to smoothies that contain fruits. Keep that in mind whenever you make one such. Lastly, nuts are making this drink more nutritious and filling.

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