Emotional Detox

emotional detox

After the winter period, majority thinks of the new beginning, general cleaning of living space, diets and detoxification – all as some kind of preparation for the upcoming summer. But, what about our thoughts and emotions? Do we need spring-cleaning and detoxification of those?

If, by now, you have never thought too much about this, we encourage you to start. Consider putting mind health in the first place if you wish to feel physically and mentally better than ever.

For those who have holistic approach, long has been known how healthy mind affects overall health. Even modern medicine has recognized that disease is not only a result of chemical changes in human body, but also of a person’s state of mind.

Studies have shown that cells transmitting emotions to brain are also present in the immune system and have major impact on both nervous and endocrine system performance. Simply said, this means that what we think and how we feel affects our physical health. This is exactly why positive attitude is highly important. On the other hand, keep in mind that suppression of negative emotions, without wish to face them, can be just as bad, if not worse.

Unfortunately, strong decision is not enough for complete change in thinking process and general attitude towards life. It is necessary for you to deal with all negative thoughts, emotions and anger bothering you. For start, you need to overcome the urge to have all your emotions under control. Release them! This way you will manage to overcome a lot of what you spent years suppressing in yourself, including bad situations from childhood, feeling of guilt, painful loves/friendships and much more.

Occasional cry seems to be helpful to many for throwing away all the negativity that has accumulated. Of course, we do not claim this miraculously solves all the problems, but it will certainly help you feel instantly better.

Specific Tips

Not to leave it on this generalized story, further in text we give you few specific tips that will help you get rid of bad thoughts and detoxify emotions.

1. Each night in one week long period write down everything you have felt throughout the day. This does not mean writing all daily activities and details, but only emotions and thoughts. Do not stop writing until you fill out entire page without thinking.

2. Practice yoga. It is said to be food for the mind and body. Find tutorials for beginners on YouTube or the best course in town that fits you.

3. Write a letter in which you describe all the anger, rage and disappointment that plagued you for years and the reasons why you feel this way. Of course, this does not need to be sent.

4. When you are sad and stressed, instead off drinking a glass of vine and eat another scoop of ice cream, treat yourself with a relaxing bath, meditate or go for a walk.

5. Finally, write down affirmation messages to yourself and read them every night before going to sleep during the entire period of detoxification.

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