8 Efficient Home Remedies for Gastritis

gastritis home remedies

Gastritis is affecting stomach lining, causing its inflammation. It can be sometimes treated at home with natural remedies if it’s not in its worst stadium. Before talking about the remedies, let’s go through basic symptoms. Those include:

  • vomiting,
  • burning sensation in the stomach,
  • feeling full after eating the smallest amount of food,

Many things cause gastritis, but the most usual ones are:

  • excessive alcohol consumption,
  • pain medication usage for an extended period,
  • Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) bacteria,
  • different infections,
  • stress.

In most cases home treatments are enough of a cure for this condition, so medical treatment is not needed. So, here are the best home remedies for gastritis which work for most people.

1. Anti-inflammatory Diet

Research showed that diet should have broccoli and olive oil in it if you want to prevent gastritis. Generally, the most important thing is to be careful about what you are consuming, as many ingredients do cause inflammation. Aside from that, some ingredients provide relief, so selective and smart food intake is what you should go for.

We suggest you make a food diary. By writing it all down consistently in certain period of time you can easily conclude which food triggers symptoms and reduce its usage.

This is the food that commonly causes inflammation:

  • processed foods,
  • gluten,
  • acidic foods,
  • dairy products,
  • sugary foods,
  • spicy foods,
  • alcohol.

2. Garlic Extract Supplement

As it seems after several researches, garlic extract can successfully reduce symptoms. You can instead use fresh, crushed garlic. If the taste and smell are not preferred, try wrapping it in a dried date or eating with a peanut butter. Sounds awful but works wonders!

3. Probiotics

Probiotics improve digestion. They introduce good bacteria into a digestive tract, which helps preventing the spread of above-mentioned  H. pylori. You can also eat food which contains natural probiotics, such as yogurt, kimchi, and kefir.

4. Green Tea With Manuka Honey

Green tea with a bit of Manuka honey soothes the stomach, so we suggest you drink it at least once a week. Manuka honey, which contains antibacterial properties, has many benefits, all helping in infection fight.

5. Essential Oils

Lemongrass, lemon verbena, peppermint, ginger, clove and other similar essential oils  help in increasing H. pylori resistance. You should not ingest it, but dilute with (carrier) oils and apply to the skin.

6. Light food

As stated before, eating heavy food causes irritation and inflammation, so stick to light meals which are easier for digestion. Veggies, which are not too seasoned and chicken meat are always a good option.

7. Say No to (Over) Smoking, Alcohol and Painkillers

Smoking affects gastritis a lot, so the best thing you can do is quit smoking or at least minimize it as much as possible. The same goes for alcohol and painkillers. Do not overuse them, because your stomach will be damaged and feel bad.

8. (Over)Stressing?

Yes. Stress flares up gastritis and you have to reduce it as much as possible. That is an important part of gastritis management. In order to feel less stressful, we suggest techniques like massage, meditation, yoga and creating exercises.

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